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How we can help you?

We will help you grow your business.
Our publishing team will save you time and deliver additional revenue and our advertising team will help you get the visitors, conversions and ROI you desire.

Publishing Services Advertising Services
Snigel Web Services is a specialist Ad Serving, Monetization and Media Buying agency founded in 2012. The company was founded by exGooglers and was created to help publishers to streamline and optimize their ad trafficking and monetization practices. We recognised that many mid and large sized publishers do not have time to deal with the every increasing demands of ad operations, yield management and the complexities of managing programmatic partners. We manage on behalf our of our publishing partners over 40 Million page views per month managing their display inventory.
Why work with us?
How do we work


Our goal is to streamline your ad serving hierarchy to make sure you are maximising the value of every single impression. We understand that squeezing every cent of your display inventory is a tedious and time consuming process. We are here to remove this burden and to deliver incremental revenue via our optimization process.


With extensive knowledge from having worked inside Google and with many of Google’s biggest clients we pride ourselves in building high quality SEM campaigns. Keyword research, structural consulting and bidmanagment is our daily bread. With our good contacts in the media industry we will place your display ads on the right websites to attract quality visitors and conversions.

Why work with us?

We understand that world of ad trafficking, display advertising and yield management can be confusing and time consuming. However having an efficient and well optimized ad operations stack is crucial to ensuring you as a publisher are generating the best return on your inventory. Empowering us to manage your display inventory, frees you to focus on what you do best – creating great content and enabling us to maximise the value of your inventory. We offer a robust efficient monetization model which offers significant flexibility and is much more cost effective than building out your own in-house ad operations team.

How do we work?

We tailor our service to each individual publisher or advertiser as we recognize each individual client may have a unique set of challenges with their inventory. We adapt to these unique situations and present you with a solution that is tailor made for your website and your needs.
  • Outsourced ad trafficking via DFP
  • Streamlining your ad serving hierarchy
  • Real time ad network optimization & daisy chain configuration
  • Access to the Google Ad Exchange via our agency partnership
  • Ad serving & ad placement optimizations
  • Optimization techniques per geography, unit & section
  • Private auctions & preferred deals
  • Weekly integrated reporting
  • Campaign management & delivery
  • Consulting & technical support
  • One integrated payment every month
  • Use our own proprietary content widget
  • Sourcing additional advertising partners for your inventory
  • Pinpoint new placements for monetization
  • Reclaiming lost ad revenue due to Ad Blockers
Our consultants have 20+ years experience and knowledge combined in ad serving, monetization and yield management. From working with hundreds of different sites, we understand instinctively which placements, ad configuration and advertising partners will deliver. We appreciate as a publisher you are getting bombarded with emails from ad agencies, networks and all manner of companies promising promising superior eCPMS and performance. As publishers ourselves we understand that it is frustrating dealing with discrepancies and lower than promised eCPMs. We are here to take the hassle out of ad serving and monetization to ensure you are getting the very most from your remnant inventory.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland

We have been operating for 3 years but all principals have been working in online marketing and publisher monetization space for a combined total of 30 + years.

You can see an overview of current portfolio here (link to Client Base). We have a particular speciality in monetizing sites in the Technology, Gaming and UGC verticals.

Firstly we work to define what challenges you are encountering with your inventory. Our approach varies from publisher to publisher but we can manage your inventory in a number of different ways: Manage all of your remnant inventory Manage a specific section or category Manage a specific Geography

We do not believe in locking our partners into long term, inflexible contracts. We operate a very flexible contract model enabling a publisher to opt out at 30 days notice if they decide at a later stage to manage their inventory via a different strategy.

This is our favourite question :) In truth until we have an opportunity to study and assess your existing ad serving configuration this is something which is almost virtually impossible to forecast. However if you are only enabling limited competition for your remnant inventory we are certain we can increase this by 20-30%.

We work on a revenue share model ensuring that we are incentivised to increase your earnings.

We can set you up with a daily or weekly reports depending on the frequency & granularity of data that you require.

We pay all of our partners net 30 in contrast to many sales houses and networks who offer payment terms of net 45, 60 and so forth.

We can pay in € Euros or USD.

Via wire transfer.


With extensive knowledge from having worked inside Google and with many of Google’s biggest clients we pride ourselves in building high quality SEM campaigns. Keyword research, structural consulting and bid management is our daily bread.

We offer a complete full-service SEM management including:

  • Advertising on both Google and Bing search engines
  • Finding and buying the right keywords for your campaigns
  • Creation and optimization of ad texts
  • Maintaining the right keyword bids
  • Utilizing Google API connection
  • External bid management software
  • Search landing page design
  • Reviewing your landing pages and suggest changes
  • Implementing and follow up tracking

Display (or banner) advertising is a great complement to traditional SEM campaigns. Our services extend from banner design consulting, optimization of banner ads, keyword based placements to behavioral placements and retargeting. We make sure your ads find the right audience either by getting your ads on specific sites or through a broader spectrum where your ads are placed on websites with content matching your company, product, or service.


While a regular Display and SEM Agency tries to maximize your current inventory, we pride ourselves as working like a prolonged arm of your product marketing department. If you wish we will go far beyond just advising what and how to advertise, we will consult you in including new products that will boost ROI and online presence of your company and change current product placements in a way to suit the consumer demand. When you hire us it could be a game-changer for you.

To us every customer is unique meaning that on top of our service package we make sure to get to know your business to obtain the best possible financial success. Our service offering is dynamic in the sense that we tailor the SEM services to each individual client and their business goals.


We typically charge between 10-15% of the media spend.

Absolutely, we want you to be effective and not flushing your advertising $/€s down the toilet.

Yes the minimum budget is 10,000 $/€ monthly media spent.

We have a large credit line with Google, so billing can go through us.

The Google HQ is 15 minutes walk from our office, Bing (MS) about 15 minutes by Taxi.

Yes – we have total faith in our media buying expertise.

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We currently manage a portfolio of publishers, who reach a unique audience of approximately 40 Million unique users per month across the technology, gaming and user generated content (UGC) verticals. Some of which are:











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